TLSFx MK5 Thunderflash Grenade


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The staple of any airsofter, paintballer and milsim player. The TLSFx Thunderflashes, or flash bangs do exactly what you expect. The simple and effective "twist and strike cap" friction ignition system activated the consistent 7 second fuse. When the 7 seconds is up, the thunderflash detonates with a loud bang and a bright flash. The twist and strike cap also protects the tip from damage and accidental ignition.

There is a reason why these are our best sellers.  These are only sold in quantity blocks of 10.  

NOTICE: This product is a HAZMAT, therefore the HAZMAT shipping fee will need to be added to your cart with your purchase. With each HAZMAT fee we can ship up to 250 units of this product. You can find the HAZMAT fee product listing by CLICKING HERE.

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