TLSFx M10 Pea Grenade


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The M10 is the TLSFx 3rd Generation ball grenade with Dried Pea payload is designed for the airsoft player after the most realistic and reliable ball grenade on the market today. Modelled on the current ball grenades as used by armies around the world. The tough, realistic look, safety and ignition method add to any MilSim or airsoft skirmish experience. Holding the lever against the palm of the hand the safety pin is twisted to unlock from the safe position and then pulled out. The now live grenade can now be thrown. The short fuse activated as soon as the lever leaves the hand.

When detonated, the durable, water resistant finish casing will split, with a crack, covering the area with a cloud of biodegradable peas (Other payloads are available).

NOTICE: This product is a HAZMAT, therefore the HAZMAT shipping fee will need to be added to your cart with your purchase. With each HAZMAT fee we can ship up to 20 units of this product. You can find the HAZMAT fee product listing by CLICKING HERE.

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