Tactical Smoke Grenade Electric Fire


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Products Description

The NEW Tactical Smoke Grenade "Electric Fire" (TSG-EF) is an electrically ignited variation of our popular Tactical Smoke Grenade. the TSG-EF features the same smoke output, duration, and composition of our TSG. This grenade is ideal for remote fire applications, hobby applications, and special effects! Also available in pull-ring.

Product Features

• Electric igniter
• Thick smoke, good hang time
• Easy to handle and carry
• Biodegradable
• "Cool burning" Non-Pyrotechnic Smoke
• Made in the USA

Product Specs

Fire Mechanism: 20" squib
Smoke Output: 25,000 cft
Duration: 1-2 min
Dimensions: 4"×1.5"
Weight (lb): .24
Case qty: 164

Product Uses

• Paintball / Airsoft
• Hobby
• Special Effects

Ignition Information:

No Fire Current = 0.2 Amp
All Fire = 0.37 Amp
Recommended Fire = ≥ 0.9 Amp
Resistance = 1.3 - 1.9 Ohms
*This product requires an appropriate
9 volt power source to ignite. Power
source is NOT included.
Made in the USA

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