S-Thunder Composite Pistol Grip Launcher Short
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S-thunder's newest and most sought after product. The composite, short universal BB grenade Pistol. This lightweight, extremely durable pistol compatible with most airsoft 40mm grenade shells for a Shotgun Pistol effect. No more fumbling with the M203 launcher.

Mil Specs:

  • Solid Composite Material
  • Break Action, single-shot
  • Easy trigger pull, even with C02
  • AR Style Pistol Grip
  • weight: 550g unloaded
  • Length: approx 9 inches

Package includes: Composite launcher (Short) & Manual (BB Shell not included)

S-Thunder Composite Pistol Grip Launcher Short 5.0000 out of 5 based on 1 ratings.

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Jeremy Nicolas

This gun kicks ass in a battle and I love it.

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