Socom Gear MEU (SOC) in Black
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Great gas airsoft pistol for an affordable price. The package includes:

#MEU GBB Pistol
# Tactical Retension Lanyard
# Barrel Extension Adapter
# One Silver Magazine
# Barrel Extension Adapter
# Manual

Bonus Features:
# Authetic Deep Engraving (stamping)
# Non Slip Rubber Combat Grip
# Metallic Color Finish
# Free HSS Tac. Retension Lanyard Barrel Extension Adapter

Is also compatible with the Wilson Combat Magazine
While a barrel extension is not included, you can find it by clicking the hyperlink.

Socom Gear MEU (SOC) in Black 4.2500 out of 5 based on 4 ratings.

Reviews on this item

Jeff LeBlanc

One of my friends has a gun that looks exactly like this one, it might actually be the same one, his is awesome, although it's a bit hard to pull the trigger at first.

jake gertz

really good gun

jake gertz

really good gun

darren saltiel

this is one of my favorite workhorse weapons . shoots decent ,nice weight ,and the affermating sound of the slide as you release the catch is quite satisfying. all in all a real meat and potatoes gun. bang for your buck.

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