Once you place an order at EastCoastAirsoft, it takes approximately one business day to process the order.  After processing, you can determine how many days it will take your item to reach you by consulting the map below.  Therefore, simply use the key on the map to see the shipping time, add one day to accommodate processing, and the result is how long it will take for your order to arrive.

The vast majority of our products carry a manufacturer's warranty, so if your product breaks while still under warranty, you can return it to us.  In these cases, you must also include a money order for return shipping to the manufacturer, and we will notify you of the specific cost.  If a product does not have a warranty, then it usually cannot be returned; however, we will consider returns of this nature on a case-by-case basis, depending on the conditions of it.  To inquire about a return, please call us at 410-838-6856.  You can also call this number for any other questions you have.

Canadian Orders
EastCoastAirsoft prides itself on being one of the few retailers that ships to Canada.  We very rarely have problems with Canadian shipping, but there is always a minute chance that your order will be seized and not returned.  EastCoastAirsoft does not take responsibility for any lost, stolen, damaged, or seized packages.  If you have any questions regarding this policy, please call us at 410-838-6856.

When shipping to Canada for an item to be considered legal it has to shoot over 366FPS and under 500FPS.  Anything that is not in those parameters is likely to be seized by customs, and we do not recommend ordering.

Canceled Orders & Restocking Fee
ECA has the right to charge a 30% restocking fee on orders that are placed and canceled.  By placing an order with us you agree to accept these terms.

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"That's right, we can successfully guarantee shipments to Canada as long as you choose from the Canada Legal section of our website!

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