Retro Arms Hop-Up Chamber for M4
Retro Arms Hop-Up Chamber for M4
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Hop-Up Chamber for M4

Hop-Up chamber for airsoft guns of M4 type. Retro ARMS chambers has all parts made at CNC machinincg center out of EN AW 2007and EN AW 7075 aluminum. Impression regulation is very effective, because lever does not bend thanks to used material. Its design allows precise setting in 2mm range with step of 0.01mm.

Chamber is 100% compatible with Retro ARMS gearbox, but it also fits into standard zinc gearboxes. However be aware that we can't guarantee absolute and precise fitment.

Hop-Up chamber is equiped with o-ring against BBs falling out.

Hop-Up nub is integrated into press lever. This way it won't fall out during assebly/diassembly. Optional press levers can be bought for experimental settings.

Package includes read-to-use Hop-Up chamber, two spare o-rings against BB falling out. C clip isn't included. You can use former one, or order Retro ARMS's indestructible C clip.

Chamber's surface is decoratively anodized to black and red color.

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