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Redline Firebase Air Rig
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We are pleased to announce that we are now offering the newly released Firebase air rig. Manufactured exclusively by Redline Airsoft, the Firebase regulator is specifically designed for optimum performance with your PolarStar system, especially at lower operating pressures. The Redline Firebase air rig also has many innovative features designed to improve the functionality of the system for today's airsoft operator.

• High flow “Big Bore" 250 psi working pressure braided hose reduces the chance of kinking the air line during extreme maneuvers.
• Integrated tournament lock allows the regulator to be locked with a zip-tie in compliance with rules enforced by many events.
• Quick detach fitting between the air line and the regulator allows the tank to be removed without unscrewing the UFA.
• High pressure safety relief valve to safeguard your system from an over pressure in the event of either a regulator malfunction or an accidental operator over-adjustment of the regulator.

The main concern which comes up about using a PolarStar rifle is the remote line and how much will it possibly affect the handling of the rifle and the aesthetics of your kit. This rig has been developed so it can be integrated into the gear of today's MilSim combatant and be virtually undetectable.

The Firebase air rig is designed to be concealed within a back pack or hydration carrier with the air line exiting the top of the pack and running along the strap to reach the center of your chest. We have found this position to work the best since it is the pivot point for your rifle and will not interfere while transitioning between strong and weak side shooting. The line can even be hidden inside of those neoprene covers for your hydration hose so that it will blend in perfectly with the rest of your gear.

- See more at: http://polarstarairsoft.com/products/air-systems/redline-firebase-air-rig.html#sthash.ftQzJqlL.dpuf

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