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R2Bs EVO - Airsoft pyrotechnical hand grenade

The R2Bs EVO Airsoft grenade is a revolutionary new product for training and tactical gaming worldwide, it provides loud blast and good and safe fragmentation. Designed for airsoft, paintball or training, this grenade will give you, your teammates and your opponents - additional motivation to play better. It is filled by 6mm 0.20g BBs and has an unheard of fragmentation  radius of 24-30 feet!!!

This training grenade equipped by two safety mechanisms - safety pin with ring and lever.

The grenade will not detonate if you just pull out the pin, it only detonates  3.5 seconds after you  release the safety lever (when you throw the grenade).

All parts, includes safety lever, are made of extremely safe polyurethane material and won't harm you at all if you are propperly equipped for the game or training. The completely new pyro-element provides confidence in use. Be assured that that dry grass or leaves will not catch fire and that the grenade will not accidentally detonate in your hand - it will not harm you.*

* - The possibility of accident detonation is extremely low, but it is not right to exclude it at all. We can warrant your safety if grenade will detonate in your hands - ONLY IF YOU USING PAINTBALL/AIRSOFT SAFETY MASKS AND GLOVES.

CAUTION! - This is a pyrotechnical grenade. Always wear the eye protection!
Make sure that use of pyrotechnics is allowed in your location.
You must be over 18 to purchase or use the pyrotechnics. It can be used only on official game arena. Follow the standard firework guidelines
of your location.

NOTICE: This product is a HAZMAT, therefore the HAZMAT shipping fee will need to be added to your cart with your purchase. With each HAZMAT fee we can ship up to 8 boxes of this product. You can find the HAZMAT fee product listing by CLICKING HERE.

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