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PolarStar PR-200 Rifle (Limited Edition)
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Products Description


Muzzle velocity385 FPS to 435 FPS w/ .2g (Blue Nozzle)
Cyclic Rate500 RPM to 1,800 RPM
Fire mode/sFull Auto, Semi Auto, Variable Burst
Inner barrel502 x 6.05mm (AEG Cut)
  • FE Nozzle Type: M4/M16 Series, Blue (FE-NZ-BLU-M4)
  • Build Material: Aluminum / Steel / Polymer
  • Length: 39.5 in
  • Weight: 6 lbs
  • Outer Barrel: 20 in
  • Muzzle Thread: 14mm CCW
  • Power Source: HPA (High Pressure Air via remote air rig)
  • FCU Battery: 7.4v Lipo w/ JST Connector (BAT-LIPO-74-250)
  • FCU Voltage Range: 6.8v to 12v
  • PSI Operating Range: 80 psi. to 120 psi.
  • Magazine Capacity: 120 rds (AEG Compatible)

  • Description

    The PR-200 replicates the classic M16 assault rifle is only being produced in 2013 as a limited edition run. These rifles are specially marked with "PR-200" and will never be available again so, if you want to own a part of PolarStar history, this is your chance. 

    Just like our PR-15 series rifles, the PR-200 is highly customizable and can accept most any aftermarket magazine, barrel, accessory or body kit for the M4/M16 series AEG for which there is a seemingly endless options list. If you like tricking your rifle out with the latest and greatest accessories, you want one of these rifles. And the best part is, since it has our Fusion Engine already installed, you don't have to worry about maintaining a gearbox so you'll have more to spend on accessories you actually want to buy!

    For our externals we use aluminum E Series VFC bodies to assemble the PR-200 making it comfortably lightweight yet extremely durable to cope with the rigors of professional competition. Each body features a Mil-Spec anodized coating, deep engraved PolarStar trademarks and sequential serial numbers so every rifle is unique. 

    Equipped with a long 20 inch barrel the PR-200 excels in long range engagements and represents the highest level of performance available in our PR lineup. This longer barrel also promotes better air efficiency since you can hit your target muzzle velocity with less pressure than with a shorter barrel.  Its carry handle features a national match A2 rear sight can quickly be remove from receivers flat top mounting deck for attaching a larger optic or dot sight to best meet your mission requirements. The Fusion Engine in this model has been wired to the rear so the FCU and battery are stored in the stock for easy access. It comes standard with a Blue air nozzle but can easily be fitted with any of our six M4/M16 series nozzles to best fit your application. 

    As with all of our rifles, it is assembled at our Delaware facility right here in the U.S.A. and is put through extensive quality control tests to ensure every unit meets our standards. 

    Required for operation: Air Rig, HPA Tank, Battery

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