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Us at East Coast Airsoft are giving back to the Maryland community by raising hunger awareness and collecting food for the hungry.

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PolarStar JACK
PolarStar JACK


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Products Description

The JACK™ system was designed to answer the demand for an affordable, high performance HPA (High Pressure Air) conversion for AEG's. The system is a drop-in cylinder replacement that is universally compatible with a wide range of gearbox versions that have center-line nozzles.

Similar to its sister product, the F1, it replaces the original gearbox components with a programmable pneumatic system allowing for higher performance and greater reliability over a gear driven system. Although economically priced, JACK™ still retains the same performance and quality you have come to expect from PolarStar products.


Designed to fit both V2 and V3 Gearboxes
Simple, User Friendly upgrade
Increase or Decrease your FPS with ease
Easy Install - Assembly/ Disassembly
Built with stable Lightweight Material
Impact resistant construction


-Designed, manufactured and built in the U.S.A.
-Assembled from CNC machined aluminum components with high performance delrin nozzle.
-Universal cylinder design is compatible with numerous gearbox versions.
-Optimized flow profile, firing point and flow path promotes superior shot consistency and accuracy.
-Capable of functioning in damp and sub-freezing climates without affecting performance or reliability.
-User selectable Semi/Full Auto, Semi Auto Only and Variable Burst modes.
-Independently adjustable velocity and cyclic rate.
-Auto Switch mode allows for proper selector configuration for specific models.
-Easy to use Fire Control Unit (FCU) with LCD display and five position joystick.
-Instantaneous trigger response.
-Faster than an AEG with a Li-po! 

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