Polar Star Fusion Engine Kit, V2 Gen. 3 M4/M16
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PolarStar Fusion Engine Features:

• Full Auto, Semi-Auto Only (Sniper) and Programmable Burst Fire Modes
• User Selectable Open Bolt and Closed Bolt Firing Modes
Instant trigger response (faster than a MOSFET w/ lipo)
• Equipped with electronic Fire Control Unit (FCU) with LCD screen and joystick
• Independently adjustable muzzle velocity (FPS) and rate of fire (RPS)
• Fits all major airsoft AEG manufacturers M4/M16 receivers
• Uses TM-compatible M4/M16 AEG Magazines
• Designed and Manufactured in the USA. Patent Pending Design.

What Is The PolarStar Fusion Engine and PR-15 EPAR?

The PolarStar PR-15 EPAR (Electro-Pneumatic Airsoft Rifle) is powered by PolarStar's Fusion Engine (patent pending) and is capable of fulfilling any role in a variety of field conditions. You will be able to play as a sniper, rifleman, support gunner, etc by simply adjusting your settings on the Fire Control Unit (FCU) with LCD display and joystick.

Save money and bid farewell to those late nights spent hassling with last minute upgrades, downgrades, reshimming and tuning. No more headaches hunting for replacement parts and hoping what you need is in stock just so you can play the next day. The PolarStar PR-15 EPAR gives you several different rifles in one reliable, easy to use package.

Who makes the receiver and external parts for the PR-15?

We have chosen Vega Force Company (VFC) as the OEM manufacturer of our PR-15 receivers. VFC is a well known for their high quality airsoft products and accessories. We have worked with them over several months to produce complete PR-15 receiver assemblies that meet our demanding requirements.

Will The Fusion Engine Fit Into My M4/M16 AEG?

Yes! We have digitized the gearbox dimensions of most major airsoft manufacturers to ensure a wide range of compatibility with Version 2 TM-compatible M4/M16 gearboxes. Now you can upgrade your Tokyo Marui, Classic Army, VFC, KWA, etc using our Fusion Engine drop-in kit. KWA 2GX AEGs may require some minor modification similar to installing any non-2GX gearbox.

Will The Fusion Engine Fit Into My MP5, G3, SCAR, etc?

Yes! The Fusion Engine will fit into any AEG that uses a TM-compatible Version 2 gearbox. The only required modifications would be to change out the air nozzle and selector plate to match your AEG. We will be producing air nozzles and selector plates for different AEGs using the Version 2 gearbox in the near future.

Will The Fusion Engine Be Available For Any Other Gearbox Versions?

Yes! We are working on releasing Fusion Engines for the Version 3, Version 6 and M60 gearboxes with more gearbox versions coming soon.

Is The Fusion Engine Compatible with AEG Hopup and Inner Barrels?

Yes! We designed our Fusion Engine to be fully compatible with Tokyo Marui Version 2 AEG hopup units and AEG inner barrels. Every PolarStar PR-15 EPAR includes a VFC Hopup and VFC Tight Bore Barrel installed.

Does the Fusion Engine really have "open bolt" and "closed bolt" modes?

Yes! "Open Bolt" mode is similar to the normal AEG firing cycle: Nozzle retracts, round is fed, nozzle returns, round is fired immediately after. "Open Bolt" mode eliminates the possibility of dry firing after a mag change and allows you to immediately engage targets with the first trigger pull. This is mode best for riflemen and machinegunners.

In "Closed Bolt" mode, the round is fired first, then the nozzle cycles feeding the next round into the hopup chamber. "Closed Bolt" mode offers the fastest trigger response with no delay in semi-auto. The BB is also given time to seat consistently between each shot improving accuracy. This mode is ideal for snipers and designated marksmen.

Is It True I Don't Need Expensive Gas Mags for the PR-15?

Yes! Another cost effective feature of the PolarStar PR-15 is that it can use just about any Tokyo Marui-compatible M4/M16 AEG magazine. You can reuse all your standard mags, hicaps, midcaps and real cap mags with the PolarStar PR-15.

How Many Shots Can I Get Out Of My HPA Air Tank?

Shot count is determined by tank volume, tank pressure and operating pressure. A very conservative calculation is (Tank Capacity) x (Tank Pressure/100) = Shots. For example, in one of the least efficient setups an 88ci / 4500psi tank would be 88 x 45 = 3960 shots at 110psi (400fps w/ .2g in a CQBR).

What Kind of Battery Can I Use With The Fusion Engine?

Any common airsoft battery from 7.4V up to 12V will work fine. A common 9V alkaline will also work. The Fusion Engine's Fire Control Unit (FCU) comes with Tamiya connector installed, however, Deans or a 9V tab can added.

Does the Fusion Engine's FCU save my last settings?

Yes! Your settings are stored in non-volatile memory and are retained even if power is removed. Factory defaults can be restored by holding in the programming button down before applying power to the FCU.

What are the different air nozzles for the Fusion Engine?

There are currently six (6) different nozzle bores which allow the operator to shift the velocity adjustment range up or down. The air nozzles are color coded in order of increasing velocity. The color coding also allows field and event staff to easily identify and confirm the safe FPS limit of an airsoft rifle using the Fusion Engine system. Note: The muzzle velocity with a given nozzle is partially determined by the length of the barrel therefore the examples below are approximated FPS for reference when using an M4 carbine length barrel (363-375mm) with .20g BBs at the max input pressure of 120psi. An M16 rifle length barrel (509mm) will bump this up by an average of 30-40fps.

Green - 325fps
Gold - 366fps
Blue - 405fps
Black -455fps
Silver - 494fps
Red - 550fps

Polar Star Fusion Engine Kit, V2 Gen. 3 M4/M16 5.0000 out of 5 based on 2 ratings.

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This thing is amazing it's worth the $400

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This thing is so sick. Its totally worth every penny.

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