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Us at East Coast Airsoft are giving back to the Maryland community by raising hunger awareness and collecting food for the hungry.

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Ninja LPR


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Ninja Airsoft

Ninja has years of experience making high quality made in USA air systems and accessories and have now branched out into the Airsoft industry. We bring our knowledge and past experience with machining and manufacturing to create the best performing and most efficient Airsoft products that we can. We are constantly pushing the limits of ingenuinity and innovation with our ever expanding line of products. We are always here for the player for support and to make sure you are always leading your squad into battle with the best gear possible.

Ninja LPR

Years ago we made a product which was a low pressure regulator for the paintball industry. When we were asked by Airsofters for a more efficient, more maintainable and cost effective solution we came out with our Ninja LPR.

The Ninja LPR is adjustable between 0-130 PSI with a safety pressure relief valve which will start to vent at 130psi so you do not damage your marker.

With the Ninja LPR you can use any air system with up to a 1000 PSI output to power the LPR, no need to get a special regulator, use the reg you have!

Ninja LPR's are fully rebuildable and come with the made in USA quality and support which you have come to expect from Ninja.

Ninja Airsoft Lines and Accessories

When we decided that we were going to be a part of the Airsoft industry we also made the decision that we wanted to make sure players had everything they needed to get into the game.

We have developed our Big Bore lines in different configurations as well as included various parts in our Ninja LPR packages to ensure that you do not need to hunt down every tiny part to get going but with an LPR package you aare ready right out of the box.

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"That's right, we can successfully guarantee shipments to Canada as long as you choose from the Canada Legal section of our website!

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