MB M576 Slug Shot (Foam Head)
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This foam airsoft grenade is meant to simulate large shells targeted towards vehicles or heavy ground personnel.  It is effective in war and law enforcement simulation games.

Part Number: M576
Description: SOFT FOAM (USA) / Hard Rubber Slug Shot
Materials: Aluminum/ Steel
Cal./ Capacity: 37mm / 1
Weight/ Length: 255/ 270g / 9.7cm
Power: Green/ Red gas

When using this product, we suggest you use a short launcher. If you use a long barrel launcher, the "Foam head" may not shoot as accurately. To enhance performance, you can wrap electrical tape around the head, which makes the grenade significantly more resistant to environmental factors.

MB M576 Slug Shot (Foam Head) 4.0000 out of 5 based on 1 ratings.

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Kerry Gorny

Nice i like it too bad it doesn't shoot bb's on impact

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