A mosfet is a great addition to any airsoft gun. They will increase your trigger response, protect your trigger contacts from arching due to high voltage or higher discharge batteries. Computerized FETs will give you even more added features including adjustable rate of fire, low battery power detection, burs mode, etc.

BTC Chimera Mk.III FET for V2 Gearbox   $160.00 In Stock

BTC Chimera Mk.III FET For V3 Gearbox   $160.00 In Stock

BTC Spectre Mk.II FET For V2 Gearbox   $180.00 In Stock

Nukefet Maritime Mosfet   $30.00 In Stock

Nukefet Original Mosfet   $23.00 Special Order

Nukefet Tactical Mosfet   $30.00 Special Order

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