High Noon Airsoft Target Kit
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Introducing the High Noon Target system, the world’s first Airsoft target specifically designed for use with high velocity Airsoft guns (300-600FPS). The High Noon Target system allows Airsoft players to safely use their AEG, GBB, and sniper rifles in the comfort of their home with out worry of undue ricochets. The (patent pending) High Noon Target frame is made from a high impact polymer with an energy absorbing inner layer. The center hanging hole on the 18”x12”x 0.5” low profile target allows player to easily and quickly hang the target on any wall, virtually turning any room into an Airsoft shooting range.


High Noon Target Kit Includes:
  • One high impact ABS target frame
  • One replaceable cardboard insert
  • Two paper targets
  • Two pieces of double-sided adhesive tape

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