HFC 92B Fully Automatic All Metal Pistol
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Extremely high quality green gas/propane pistol. In addition to having full and semi-automatic capability, it has a realistic weight and great appearance. Perfect for large games, this is one of the best sidearms you can get in airsoft.

If you want to save five dollars, you should check out the HFC 92B Semi-Auto pistol, which cannot fire automatically but costs a little less.

HFC 92B Fully Automatic All Metal Pistol 4.2500 out of 5 based on 4 ratings.

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blackopssniper Moore

Best gun ever

blackopssniper Moore

Best pistol ever great little secondary

Adam Sweetman

ok i have been looking for a good full auto gas pistol i am looking at this one and the glock 18c can anyone tell me about the action on this one about how many rpm is it?

Michael Rasberry

A fair quality pistol. The best thing about it however was that when used in fully automatic it had a somewhat low rate of fire. The reason this is nice is that it makes it very hard to freeze up the gun. My WE HiCapa (modded for full auto) will have frozen all the grease in the cylinder and subsequently blown it througout the gun when 2 mags straight were run through it, whereas I had never managed with this pistol (in fact, I never even needed to oil it) Another thing worth mentioning is that my right side selector fell off, so make sure you tighten up the grub screws on the selector before using it much. My major issue with this gun was that there was a fairly weak part (a portion of the selector assembly) that was prone to breakage if the pistol was mishandled in safe, however I purchased replacements fairly inexpensively elsewhere. Otherwise, this is a slightly above average quality GBB pistol.

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