A&K Full Metal Magpul Masada ACR Airsoft Gun AEG Rifle Black - Magpul Fully Licensed


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Our take:  The NEW A&K Masada AEG rifle is one of the most sought after airsoft carbines on the market, and brings the M4 carbine platform into the 21st century!  With a lightweight and ergonomically designed polymer lower receiver, folding/ retractable stock, and hand guard, this NEW A&K AEG is far more maneuverable and comfortable than any M4 AEG on the market!  If you like being on the cutting edge of airsoft technology and design, this is the AEG for you!

The A&K Masada features a full metal upper receiver with a high-strength polymer lower receiver.  The rear stock, much like that of a SCAR, both folds and retracts.  Most parts on the rifle itself, including the fire selector, mag release, and bolt release are ambidextrous.  The ergonomically-designed front hand guard is removable to expose the battery housing.  A great finishing touch to the exterior is the long top accessory/ optic rail with included flip-up iron sights, allowing you to mount any precision accuracy optic and giving you the ultimate advantage on the field!

On the inside, the A&K Masada Carbine features a high performance, full metal gearbox and motor for incredible shooting performance.  With 0.20g BBs, the A&K Masada Carbine can easily top 400 FPS and fire over 800 rounds per minute with ease!

Another great characteristic of the A&K Masada Carbine is its endless customization possibilities, providing you with the perfect platform for any mission.  The open-access barrel is designed to be quickly interchangeable, allowing the user to quickly detach/attach whichever barrel he or she deems is necessary for the task at hand.  It is also reverse-compatible with a ton of M4/M16 components, since it was based on the AR-carbine chassis to begin with, so it's a dream rifle for those who wish to do their own upgrades!

Rifle features:

- Metal upper receiver
- Rugged ergonomic polymer lower receiver, stock, and hand guard

- High performance full metal gearbox and motor

- 300rd high capacity P-Mag included

- Ultra realistic 

- Excellent modular AEG rifle, great alternative to SCAR/MK16/M4/M16

- High quality A&K product

- Extremely durable

Muzzle velocity:  380-410 FPS with 0.20g BBs
Rate of fire:  800-850 rounds per minute 
Package includes: A&K
Advanced Modular Carbine AEG rifle, 300rd P-Mag, Instruction manual

Ammo type:  Seamless 0.20g or heavier (0.23g, 0.25g, 0.26g, 0.28g, etc) BBs.

Charger and Battery are NOT included with this AEG.

Battery Charger Recommendation:  East Coast Airsoft recommends the use of a smart charger to avoid overcharging the battery (overcharged batteries may cause decreased airsoft gun performance and may shorten battery life significantly).  Smart chargers not only shorten charge time significantly (up to 800% faster charging), but more importantly, also automatically shut off once the battery is fully charged to avoid overcharged batteries.

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