ExFog Antifog System
ExFog Antifog System ExFog Antifog System ExFog Antifog System ExFog Antifog System ExFog Antifog System


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ExFog AntiFog Unit. This light-weight, compact Antifog device will make fog a thing of the past...For anything from Paintball and Airsoft, to construction, manufacturing, household work...Truly almost anywhere there is a need to rid your full seal safety goggles of fog particle buildup.  Fully Self-Contained, no wiring, mount it anywhere on your helmet, hat, head, or body. Rechargeable, resilient feather-light, and quiet - You won't even know it's there!

  • -Weight:2.9 Oz - Feather-light
  • -Body Material:Lexan - Polycarbonate: For superior strength and durability
  • -Speed Control:Push Button - Variable Speed: Prevents dry-eye or irritation.
  • -Battery Life:Approximately: Approx. 6.5 hours on maintenance speed and 4.5 on high for "quick clearing" or difficult jobs. - This is full time run speed which is rarely used. For Airsoft / Paintball - Will typically last either a couple days of open play, or a full "major" event day prior to needing to recharge.

Mounting Options:

You can select either a T-Band (left) or a Head Band (right) mount as pictured below.

Whats Included

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