Echo1 Red Star AKM in Wood
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The Echo1 Red Star is an amazing AK-47 replica that is stocked with a number of useful features. You can check out all the information about the Star below.

Product Name:Echo1 Red Star AKM Wood
Model Number:JP-48MB
Weight: Approx. 17lbs (total package)
Inner Barrel Length:455mm
Barrel Caliber:6mm
BB Capacity:600rounds
Initial BB Speed:405fps
Battery Type:Large
Body Material:Metal

Also, if you want a reliable sidearm too, you should consider peering over the M9 pistol.

Echo1 Red Star AKM in Wood 4.8333 out of 5 based on 12 ratings.

Reviews on this item

Gregery Verleye

Got this gun a few months ago on a different account and decided to review it. Its a very nice gun and is the best one I own. Pros: -Awesome FPS, beat my MP007 by far. -Realistic, made from metal and polished wood (I think it maybe plywood) -Huge magazine -Realistic Weight -Metal screw holes in stock Cons: -Plastic handle (A tad loose) -Weak leaf spring -Magazine release may become a bit loose -Battery is very hard to put in at first -The orange flash-hider came crooked and is glued in place (not that bad though) This gun is the best one out of the guns owned by my group of friends, and is more reliable than the Echo 1 SCAR H. I suggest getting this gun if you are interested in getting a nice AKM/AK 47 *WARNING* My friend made the mistake of grabbing the rear site and pulling it all the way up. By doing so, it will bend the leaf spring causing the rear sight to loosen or fall off.

Brayden Wagenaar

it looks really awesome in the wood and it has really good power

jake barter

i like the wood

jake barter

great fps on it

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