Echo1 M14 Soc16 (Black)
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The SOC 16 is a shortened version of the M14 Airsoft Rifle. Currently the rifle has seen military use, a select few US Navy SEALs and US Army Rangers have also used them. It has been reported to be superior to the M4 currently in wide use by the US Armed Services.
Great for C.Q.B. and outdoor use. This airsoft gun includes a metal hi-capacity magazine and is also compatible with other major brands of magazines. This gun is a must buy for those looking for a well priced starter gun.

*Gearbox: Version 7
*Length: 946mm
*Weight: 3850g
*Magazine: High Capacity
*Muzzle Velocity: 350 fps
*Battery Package Size: Large 8.4v
*Package Includes: gun, magazine, cleaning rod, & manual.

*M14 Style Scope Mount
*Unique 16" Socom Barrel
*SOC 16 Muzzle Brake
*Movable Cocking Lever and Bolt Cover

Echo1 M14 Soc16 (Black) 4.0000 out of 5 based on 5 ratings.

Reviews on this item

blackopssniper Moore

Sweet gun coolest airsoft I have

zackery furlong

if any m14 then this is the one to go with, not too long, not too short. but its not the one to go with for extreme distance shooting at all. it does shoot further than assault rifles, but not quite near the extreme range that the other snipers shoot at.

kevin bosse

bought it last year, really good airsoft. shoots just like a aniper, does a really good distance before drop. it comes with 2 chargers so with 2 450 round mags, i dont think youll really need to buy more of them unlesss you need lower cap, the only bad spec about the socom 16 is the battery compartment located in the buttstock, sometimes its a real pain putting the battery in there. but all in all, its a great m14 and i highly recommend it

Elizabeth Di Tullio

powerfull and reliable it is a good choice for $220.00

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