Echo1 M14 Rifle in Wood
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This M14 airsoft gun is one of the best M14s we have. It is packed with features and benefits, not to mention the extremely high level of accuracy it has. If you want to get all the details on this baby, just direct your eyes below to see the greatness elaborated upon in list form.

Product Name:Echo1 M14 Rifle
Model Number:JP-46W
Barrel Caliber:6mm
BB Capacity:450Rounds
Initial BB Speed:360fps
Battery Type:Large
Body Material:ABS/METAL
Echo1 M14 Rifle in Wood 4.1429 out of 5 based on 7 ratings.

Reviews on this item

zackery furlong

overall a decent weapon, as long as you dont let the enemy get too close, its harder to manuever around close turns and alleys

Brayden Wagenaar

looks like a great gun it has good power and it looks awesome in the wood

Mitchell Kufflick

Does anyone know if the charger and battery comes with this gun.

terry bartley

This gun is sick it can be a rushing gun or sit back and snipe its so good and $220.00 is a great price and it look so kool buy this gun for the pro airsofters!

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