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The Vector Arms Full Metal AK RAS is a great replica of the famous assault rifle that is in use by the Russian military as well as many other military organizations all over the world. This Echo1 AK47 rifle is sturdily constructed with a metal barrel assembly, metal receiver cover, rail interface system, ergo pistol grip and metal trigger assembly. Also, it comes with a new generation metal gearbox. All these features and the foldable grip, the AK sling, and the large 8.4v battery make this package the best AK on the market.

*Gearbox type: Type 3
*Magazine capacity: 600 rounds
*Muzzle velocity: 400fps
*Accuracy: 100 feet
*Package includes: Manual, Fold able Grip, Magazine, Cleaning Rod

*Full Metal Body
*Adjustable Hop-up systems
*Adjustable metal front/rear sight
*New generation full metal gear box
*Metal bolt carrier, metal trigger, metal receiver cover
*Waffle Magazine
*Fold able Grip

Please Note:
Large stock may not accept large 9.6v batteries.

Echo1 AK47 R.I.S w/ Vector Arms Trades 4.9167 out of 5 based on 24 ratings.

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Jayden Raum

SO i just bought this awesome AK and i love it. So far its my best purchase yet. This gun has great accuracy and range and the mags are very comfortable. All though the mags are a bit wobbly in the gun and i recommend using a 8.4 v because my 9.6 makes a lot of noise when carrying the gun. Pros: Weighted perfectly great range great accuracy lots of space for battery in the stock heavy (for the polymer version. It may be a pro or con). Cons Mags wobble in the gun battery may move around a lot in the stock

Ricky muralt

does it come with battery and charger

blackopssniper Moore

This is the best all around gun with fantastic accuracy and good range for it's purpose

blackopssniper Moore

Wow what an awesome gun it's never failed me in battle.

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