Thank you for your interest in reserving a rental package from East Coast Airsoft for one of our events at Robinhood Paintball.  All rental packages must be reserved before the day of the game to ensure we will have enough rental packages ready for the event.  A $10 deposit is required on each rental package.  You can come in the store and pay this in person, or if you e-mail us the reservation we can send you an invoice via paypal for it.  Your rental package will not be considered reserved until payment is received.  Do note, rental guns are ONLY allowed to use BBs purchased from East Coast Airsoft.  Anyone caught using any other BBs will be asked to return the rental gun and not be issued any refunds.  This is because if you use low quality, unapproved BBs in these guns they are much more likely to break or get damaged.  If you cause any damage to a rental gun due to use of non-approved BBs you will be responsible for all repair costs.

Basic Rental Package:

Valken Battle Machine or G&G Combat Machine

x1 High Capacity Magazine

Annex MI-7 Thermal Goggles

Cost: $25

Advanced Rental Package:

Coming Soon!

To reserve your rental package please stop in the shop, or send us an e-mail using our contact us page here.

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"That's right, we can successfully guarantee shipments to Canada as long as you choose from the Canada Legal section of our website!

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