Claymore w/ Wireless Remote Detonation


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  • 1/1BB anti-infantry mine

  • 200 shots of BB bullets in one shoot
    powder can also be used for shooting

  • shooting range is 20M

  • suitable for repeated use

  • one remote controller can operate up to four mines mines can be freely
    set and automatically recognized

  • Weight 4lbs

Claymore w/ Wireless Remote Detonation 4.6667 out of 5 based on 6 ratings.

Reviews on this item

alex Steeves

one of my friends used this in a war and let me tell you it dominates!The field so there for you should buy it !

Yulian Pozner

Like usin it, my oponents don stand a chance

Susnan Sheppard

this would be extreamly helpful in an airsoft match

Michael Faneca

I love using this to scare my friends in an airsoft game! It's a bit expensive but it's not that bad.

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