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This is one of the best ghillie suits on the site.  With this, you really can blend into your environment, and take people out without them even seeing you!

* 1 pc. woodland camo synthetic jacket/hood combo
* Covers entire body with over 700 leaves, hand-placed to provide maximum depth and contrast
* Includes extra leaves and burlap in 7 colors to better match specific terrian
* Cool & light
* Weighs only six pounds

If you want a suit that is a little less expensive, check out the Lightweight All Purpose Ghillie Suit.

''CHAMELEON'' SYNTHETIC GHILLIE SUIT 4.3333 out of 5 based on 3 ratings.

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Elizabeth Di Tullio

this is amazing and the best to hide

Roch Belisle

very good for camouflage in the grass

Roch Belisle

very good for camouflage in the grass

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