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This is a high quality suit that can really improve your performance in airsoft, especially games where you are playing in the woods.  When used alongside a high quality rifle like the Echo1 G36K, you will become unstoppable!

* Complete with 7 colors of jute/burlap to create any pattern
* Body & head netting
* Fire retardant
* Full instructions
* Covers head, torso, back, upper arms & thighs
* Designed to add natural vegetation
* Can be configured to be worn upright or as a military style crawling ghillie

''BUSHRAG'' THE COMPLETE GHILLIE SUIT KIT 4.5000 out of 5 based on 4 ratings.

Reviews on this item

guillaume richard

this ghillie suit look preaty amazing and tis product is not so cher

Rogan Leach

I wish it didnt take so long to ship... otherwise i would have bought this...

Brayden Wagenaar

good price compared to other ghillie suits

Elizabeth Di Tullio

good for snipers i recommend a rifle wrap, good ghillie though

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