Mad Bull XM203 Short B.B.Launcher


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Name:B.B. Launcher XM203S
Part Number: XM203S
Description: B.B. Toy Grenade Launcher/Aluminum
Materials: Aluminum
Cal./ Capacity: N/A / 1
Weight/ Length: N/A / 15.5cm
Other Details : Click for more photos and details
XM-203 S is a very special product. You can apply it on ALL guns, from pistols to rifles.
XM-203 S is very slim and powerful, but it only fits to "short" B.B. grenades, such as M433, M381, M576, M922A1 and etc. US Version will NOT have rifling in the barrel and it is 38.5mm caliber for US restriction.
There is no way to modify our XM203 to a real stuff.
NOTE: This is a B.B. shower toy. Not a real thing. Please wear goggle all the time and don't aim to people.
Mad Bull XM203 Short B.B.Launcher 5.0000 out of 5 based on 1 ratings.

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james sytnyk

i so want this for my M4

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