I don’t know if you’ve stopped by the front page lately, but there are a lot of new products that have recently been added to our store.  These aren’t just your average products – these are top of the line AEGs, including some of my favorite types of guns, AK-47s.  There is something noble and beautiful about the AK-47, and although the class is usually not as powerful as the one containing M16s, it is still fast and effective.  In fact, one of our new AK-47s is immensely powerful, firing at a top speed of 380FPS (that even rivals gas rifles!) and it’s half the price of a regular airsoft rifle.  I’ll review that rifle in more detail later, but I want to focus on some of the other products for now.

In addition to the AKs, there are also a wide variety of G&G branded M16-type rifles.  These are the ones that are most popular in the game of airsoft, and you can find out exactly why by checking some of the specs on these new products.  For example, the G&G Combat Machine GR16 is an immensely powerful beast that also has the unique feature of coming in a tan color. I’ve come to really appreciate desert-themed airsoft guns in the recent past, as my friend has really gotten me into them, and they have a unique appeal that other airsoft guns simply do not possess. And even though this brand is the prestigious brand of G&G, it is half the price of a Classic Army product, but just as powerful. We’re always trying to save you money here at EastCoastAirsoft, so if you want to get power without breaking the bank, then our new G&G products are definitely for you.

I’ll be reviewing these new products periodically over the next few weeks, so keep updated on our blog to get all our recent updates and reviews as they come out!

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