Superstorm Sandy has already caused a lot of damage around the East Coast, especially in New York and Virginia. I read one report saying that New York’s 108 year old subway system has never taken such hard damage, and its return will be slow and gradual. There is also massive flooding in many parts of both states. I can only imagine how it appears to see an area that is usually completely dry look almost like a river. It is easy to forget that water can be an extremely terrifying thing; in moderate quantities, it is the source and sustenance of life, but in large quantities, it is death and destruction.

The East Coast Airsoft store is doing fine for now, although the Bel Air area has still definitely been hit hard by rain. In my area, far south of Bel Air, the rain is continuing to come down hard and there’s no telling how long it will go for. Probably will end tonight or tomorrow, but for at least 36 hours it has been continuous. I have yet to look out behind my apartment building to see the status of the river that runs behind us, as it usually floods over when there are light rains, so I can’t imagine how it looks right now. I will be sure to provide an update about that once I check!

Another interesting thing is that my apartment building lost power during the unexpected summer storm that happened near the end of June. So far it has not lost power from this Superstorm, which is very interesting. We haven’t been hit as bad with strong wind gusts, but the sustained wind has still been pretty powerful. Hopefully since the power has remained on this long, it will hold through a little bit longer. This storm cannot last much longer, that’s a fact!

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