The Paracord is a unique accessory that many people are not familiar, at least not in an airsoft context. Paracords, as the name implies, were originally used as the suspension lines in parachutes. When soldiers landed, they could cut those suspension lines and use the resulting “paracords” for other general purpose tasks. These uses include building shelter (by tying branches and other ground materials together), making a sling or splint for injured limbs or fingers, creating traps (for animals or people), and even starting fires. The paracord is a very useful tool that no soldier should go without, and now it is making its way onto the airsoft scene.

In terms of airsoft, there are a few unique uses that paracords can have. First, they can be used to secure accessories to the top of your airsoft gun if there is no rail or the rail is not compatible with a certain accessory. Therefore, no matter what kind of gun you have or what kind of accessory you are using, the paracord can make it work. This is especially useful for putting scopes on automatic electric guns or strong pistols, which often do not have a built-in way for doing so.

A paracord can also be made into a sling, so you can carry your gun around more easily. Lots of airsoft guns come with slings, but there are many that do not, or you may find the provided-for sling inadequate. Other uses of paracords include strapping quick-needed accessories to your wrist or assisting with the detonation of proximity traps. Furthermore, the paracord is a great visual accessory, as it looks very realistic and adds to the realism that everyone seeks in their airsoft games.

We now stock a wide variety of paracords that are perfect for any airsoft player, no matter their tastes. All of these new products, known as Rothco Deluxe Paracords have a dark tint to them, and come in Black, Black and White, and Coyote and Black. These are beautiful products, and as they are all less than $5, there’s no reason not to snatch one up!

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