It’s been awhile since I’ve truly exploded with excitement about a new product we have.  The Echo1 RedStar CSR, a unique “Counter Sniper Rifle”, is by far the best sniper I’ve ever seen.  All around, between the features, capabilities, and conveniences, this is something you will want to have if you are a sniper.  In fact, the fact that this thing exists would make me want to snipe!

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Even more than airsoft pistols, I love AK47 variants.  There is something about the AK47 that makes it so attractive, but more importantly, they are highly effective as well.  When used correctly, they can work just as well as any more expensive M16 based airsoft gun.  We carry a wide selection of the finest AK47 airsoft products on the market, so no matter what features matter the most to you, there is a product that has it.

Polar Star is one of the highest quality brands we have on this website.  What is truly remarkable about them is they are more an engineering company than an airsoft company, and have roots in engineering machinery for the automotive racing industry.  Imagine the power of an engine fueling everything your airsoft gun does.  That is what can be found in Polar Star products, and you can enhance your PS-branded product with Polar Star accessories.

The primary accessories available are the Polar Star Fusion Engine Kit, along with many different classes of air nozzles depending on your specific brand.  Be sure to check them out!

Just a heads up that some new images will be coming onto the front page soon, to better emphasize the best of our product offerings and make the product page even more attractive.  I know it’s already one of the most beautiful things you have ever seen on the Web, or in real life at that, but there is always room for continuous improvement.  It’s going to be an awesome few months ahead of us, and this minor redesign is the beginning of it!

As anybody who read this blog regularly knows, I am a huge fan of blowback pistols of all sorts.  Sure, in many cases such a feature detracts from the power of the airsoft gun, but blowback adds a significant element of realism to the game and looks really cool.  Since airsoft’s main differentiating factor from paintball is its realism, it is certainly important not to dismiss features that contribute to the ultimate goal of realistic military/law enforcement simulation.

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I would like to wish all of you out there a very happy Independence Day!  This Fourth of July 2012 has been one of the best of my life, with lots of great times with friends and the culmination of a long-running project.  In any case, I hope that all of you out there had a great time during the day and will be seeing some stellar fireworks tonight.  And if you’re not, I’m sure you’ll be doing something great.  Once the holiday ends, make sure to stop slacking and get back on the airsoft field.  We all need to work hard to become the best players we can be, and that means not going too long in between games.  Once again, hope you had a great day and enjoy the night!  The next holiday is Labor Day so we got awhile to go until another awesome time like this.

I don’t talk about products besides airsoft guns a whole lot, but I am trying to change that.  After all, although airsoft guns may be the most important part of the game (besides the safety masks!), there are still so many other things that make the game better.  These include vests, accessories, extra magazines, and of course holsters!  These stellar additions to your body enable easy access to a sidearm, and when you only have a few moments to get the first shot off, having a good holster is remarkably important.

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Echo1 is not a brand that seems to get much attention nowadays, compared to the prominence it held a couple years ago.  I may be mistaken, but this is the observation I’ve made given my experience.  There have been so many other brands that have come around recently, like Polar Star, and it has dampened the power that any one brand has in the market.  But Echo1 still makes incredible products, and no airsoft gun demonstrates that reality moreso than the Echo1 Modular Tactical Carbine.

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How would you like to save some money on some high quality airsoft guns?  You can do it by checking out some of the used items we’ve recently put up, including an AK47full-auto FAMAS, and Desert Eagle Blowback.  These are all very nice guns, and the fact that they’ve been used simply means that you’ll be paying a lot less.  They still work perfectly fine and have years of life left in them.  So if you want to improve your arsenal without spending a lot, these limited-time options are for you.

It really is incredible how the time flies, it seems like it was just yesterday it was May 21st and the summer was just getting started, and now it is pretty deep in.  For those people for whom summers still carry special significance (due to having time off from school), it is always tragic to see it dwindling away.  But thankfully, we are not at the halfway point yet and things are good.  So keep enjoying airsoft on these fine summer days!