After many years, we have finally upgraded the backend of our WordPress software!  It was nostalgic using the old software, but it was really old and the files were in desperate need of being upgraded.  It definitely feels better to be using the modern software and not being held back any longer by legacy files.  Did you know that with older WordPress, to add a new plug-in or theme, you had to manually add new files to WordPress folders through the File Transfer Protocol?  Now it’s all one-click stuff, where you can do everything from within the WordPress backend.  It’s just so much better!

We are proud to announce that we have significantly enhanced our page load speeds by manipulating some backend JavaScript and implementing double integral infinite summation partial derivatives… ahh, you don’t care about that, what really matters is that things are much faster now!  No longer will you need to wait six or seven seconds to see the description of that airsoft gun you’ve been eyeing.  Now, it should load in two to three seconds, and the times will only continue to get faster as we continue to work on updating the site.  Keep checking back every day to see us getting faster, stronger, and more versatile.  These are exciting times, and we wouldn’t even have the opportunity to make these improvements without loyal customers like you.  Much thanks!

This great post is a two-part news update!  First, we are now beginning to produce more high-quality airsoft videos for your viewing pleasure, including gun reviews, store news, and updates to the EastCoastAirsoft Facebook contests.  This is the future, and plain old text just isn’t cutting it anymore.  You want to see what’s going on, and now we’re going to give it to you.  Of course, you can see everything you want and more at the store on 1318 E. Churchville Road in Bel Air, Maryland, but in the mean time, hopefully these videos can satisfy you.  The second part of the update can be viewed in the video below!

Being that EastCoastAirsoft now has a physical store, it makes sense that we can now offer physical gift cards. These offerings are the perfect gift for any airsoft enthusiast, who can make an experience out of coming to the store and seeing everything there is to offer. You can put any amount you want onto these cards, so whatever you feel the right amount is, nothing is holding you back.

Recently we’ve started sharing interesting, non-airsoft related pictures on the EastCoastAirsoft Facebook page.  While the pictures are indeed not related to airsoft, they are inspiring and can build your spirit, thus indirectly improving your airsoft abilities.  After all, if you are a more energetic and inspired person, then you will perform better on and off the field.  Even if you don’t buy that insightful logic, these are still very awesome looking pictures and you should definitely check them out.

As you may be aware of, the EastCoastAirsoft store has been going strong for some time now, and is growing every day as a result of Matt’s participation in airsoft games and the overwhelming positive word of mouth going around.  If you haven’t been to the store yet, it’s at 1318 E. Churchville Road in Bel Air, Maryland, so come and stop by!

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Last week there was a bit of misfortune when the site went down.  It was due to outdated PHP code that our hosting company no longer supports.  Thankfully, there was a star programmer who was able to completely revamp the code and update it to modern standards, which are a full version ahead of what we were using.  Now, not only is the site running perfectly, but it should be faster as well.  This was something that needed to be done for our customers and for us, and we appreciate your bearing with us as we dealt with the problem.  Thanks!

It’s not often that I write about a type of magazine, but the Full Metal M9 CO2 mag is one of the finest pieces I’ve ever come across.  It fits across all types of HCA-199 model guns that run on carbon dioxide.  As you may know, CO2 is one of the most powerful types of propellants on the market, and utilizing an airsoft gun that uses CO2 is a great way to give yourself an advantage in any game.  The package for this product also comes with a wrench for making adjustments.

In the process of trying to expand our social media presence, we are launching a Google Plus page.  They’ve had the option for businesses to host pages for awhile now, and it’s time to get on the ball.  There are many things about Google Plus that make it superior to Facebook, but since the latter has more users, it makes sense to be on both places.  From now on, Google Plus, Facebook, and Twitter will be our primary modes of communication and information sharing, and of course this blog.  We’ll be sure to let you know when the Google Plus page is live so you can go over and start +1ing us!

It’s rare that you come across a truly superb airsoft sniper rifle that is not highly priced.  That’s not to say there is no value in premium airsoft snipers, and when you pay a lot for a sniper, you are definitely getting a great value in the end.  But if you are trying to save money and still want a quality product, then the CYMA APS SR-2 Bolt Action Sniper is for you.  This product is packed with features and at only $100 is one of the most affordable snipers we have.

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