Airsoft snipers are some of the most powerful products in the game, but to use them effectively, the right ammunition is needed. Unlike other types of rounds, sniper BBs must weigh more and be more durable. Good airsoft rifles can handle the additional weight without being harmed, but any regular AEG gun or lower would likely be damaged by rounds above .25g.

These BB Bastard .36g rounds are highly versatile and an amazing form of ammunition for your airsoft sniper rifle. The rounds are designed to be very precise, while advanced machinery ensures that the dimensions of every round are uniform. Small variations in the roundness of pellets can cause inaccuracy, so having a completely solid round can make the difference between a hit and a miss. Best of all, the BBs are reusable, which makes the somewhat high price a lot more reasonable.

If you’ve checked out the product, you may be wondering how it could possibly be $11.95 for just eight rounds. After all, a similar price can get you a thousand regular rounds. The price is justified by several factors, first being that every shot you take will be a hit if you are smart about it. And as long as you remember where you were shooting, there is a good chance you can reclaim the round. But most importantly, it is the process and materials used to make the BBs that is so critical.

Every NITE round is CNC machined for size accuracy within two microns, which is 2 millionths of a meter. Furthermore, the material used as the base is one of the strongest in the world, being called the third strongest after diamond and boron nitride. Don’t worry, the small size still makes it not hurt so much, but the durability will ensure that you can use these rounds for literally decades without any wear and tear. Pretty impressive, right?

Without the variability introduced by non-uniform BBs, you can achieve much better performance in any airsoft game. These rounds are as premier as you can get, and fit for professionals. If you want to take your sniper game to the next level, there is no doubt that NITES are imperative.

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