Sometimes it can be easy to forget about the importance of simple ammunition, especially when such a big focus is on the actual airsoft guns and to a lesser extent other powerful airsoft accessories. But noble airsoft BBs are what makes it all happen, for without it, there would be no airsoft. Even the most powerful airsoft gun in the world would just be expending purposeless energy if it were not expelling airsoft pellets with each operational cycle. You need airsoft BBs, and EastCoastAirsoft has them.

More importantly, we have always been proud of stocking a wide variety of different weights of airsoft BBs. .12g and .20g are the most popular, but for snipers, there needs to be something more. The higher the weight of a BB, the more accurate it is, but many airsoft guns are not able to handle that kind of weight because it interferes with the internal components. As long as your gun is capable of handling such power, you should definitely consider using BBs that weigh more, as this will enable you to get better accuracy and inflict more easy to recognize hits on your enemy. That said, .20g is still a great weight, and if you are using a high quality AEG it is likely that this is what you will be sticking with.

Keep coming by the EastCoastAirsoft store for the greatest deals on airsoft BBs and all kinds of airsoft accessories. The store has been growing consistently and there are no signs it is going to be let up. After all, we are perhaps the only airsoft focused store in the entire state of Maryland, so that’s somewhat of a monopoly. Sure, there are a few places in Pennsylvania and Virginia, but do you really want to go all the way there? I didn’t think so. Stay in Maryland and come to EastCoastAirsoft!

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