As you all know, we have had the East Coast Airsoft physical store location for awhile, and everything has been going great. Awareness of the location has been growing consistently and there are always new and old customers alike coming in. To expand our presence in the community, we have been interested in starting an airsoft field, so that people can come to regularly play and improve their skills. Unfortunately, actually creating an operational field is harder than it sounds. Not only is it quite expensive to purchase land and set up the infrastructure, but there are numerous property and liability laws which must be met. When it comes to real estate, the depth of the law surrounding it is unbelievable.

In any case, know that we are working on it. Locations are being scouted and plans are being formulated to make this a reality. Maryland does not have a solid airsoft field for people to play in, and that’s a tragedy. After all, East Coast Airsoft is the only airsoft-dedicated store in the state, so it’s not surprising there isn’t an airsoft-dedicated field too. It seems like paintball gets all the attention when it comes to stores and fields. We are here to change that, and with enough time and persistence, this dream will surely become reality soon.

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