It is inevitable that sometimes an airsoft gun will break, get damaged, need repairs, or need improvements.  Sometimes doing all the work entailed in that can be hard, especially if you are not experienced with mechanics.  That’s why the EastCoastAirsoft shop is proud to have a gun tech who is able to work on any problems you could possibly have.  To our knowledge, we are the only airsoft shop in the state of Maryland, so if you need to get your gun repaired elsewhere you will have to go pretty far.  Save your gas and come to the EastCoastAirsoft store for good services and the best gun tech on the East Coast!

The service costs $40/hour, but since our gun tech can work quickly, often the service will not even cost that much.  And even if it does take a couple hours, you’d be saving money in the long run, since otherwise you would have to buy an entirely new airsoft gun, which would be much more expensive.  It’s just easier to repair the one you already have.  Furthermore, if you are trying to make an upgrade to your gun, then you can remove all chances of something messing up and get your upgrade done here.  That way, you will be sure that everything is put together correctly and that your upgrade will go as far as it possibly can.

If you are looking for unique services, there is no reason you can’t stop by or call the store to see if we could help you.  It’s possible you may have a problem that is outside of our capabilities, but there’s no harm in checking.  We have the best prices and the best capabilities of anybody around, so if we can’t do it, you may have to go further out to find a solution or get a new airsoft gun.  In any case, give us a chance to check it out, and odds are you will be very pleased!

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