East Coast Airsoft has become quite a popular store over the past year, and I like to think we have developed quite a number of fans. What’s not to like? We’re the only dedicated airsoft retailer in the state of Maryland and carry the best, highest quality products in the industry. Plus we’re friendly, helpful, and will do whatever it takes to make your airsoft experience as awesome as possible. So if you have developed a relationship with us, perhaps you’d be interested in the new East Coast Airsoft T-Shirt. At only $10, it really is a great deal on a quality garment.

The shirts come in either OD or Tan color, and being made from pre-shrunk Gildan Ultra 100% cotton, you can be sure that it will feel both comfortable and fitting. There’s something about the feel of non-blended cotton that is special. So whatever color you want or style you go with, the East Coast Airsoft shirt will definitely satisfy your clothing needs.

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