I’m from Baltimore, and I’ve been reading The Baltimore Sun since I was very young.  It’s a good newspaper, but whether to call it the greatest collection of written pieces ever collected in the history of man is a debate for another day.  What is certain is the Sun’s impeccable reporting, witty writing, and hyper-local coverage of what’s going down right at this very nanosecond.  You simply can’t get better than that.  And yet again, the Sun has surpassed expectations, publishing a fantastic article about our company.

To be fair, we simply submitted a press release to them and they published it with minimal edits, but their choice to publish that press release is what’s truly admirable.  There’s no doubt it was one of our most finely crafted, most important press releases ever published, and the Sun acknowledged that by shining its undying light on the paper.  I’m personally quite excited to see this, as I know now thousands to billions of people will be aware of the humble airsoft store residing in Bel Air, MD.  It is only a matter of time before demand grows to such a high level that we must expand to a national or even international level, but until then, we’ll be proudly serving customers at the 1318 East Churchville Road location.

We thank all the customers who have made this possible, for if we had not grown our online sales well enough, we never could have gotten a store and this article never would have happened.  So in reality, it was you who led to this monumental achievement, so you should take the next two weeks off of work and celebrate like you’ve never celebrated before.  After all, you deserve it, so take it all in and make the most of this incredible event.  Thanks again!

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