We have gotten a lot of new CYMA brand products in recently, which has been very exciting. This brand is known for its affordable rifles as well as one of the most successful electric airsoft pistols. Their new airsoft rifles are incredibly versatile, and the first one I would like to examine is the CYMA CM057 AK SVD AEG. The actual title is quite long, including descriptive elements such as a full metal body with metal gear, authentic wooden stock and handle, and removable cheek rest, but the key point is its an AK-47 based rifle. It has a longer and sleeker appearance than a normal AK-47 though, and this is one of the elements that separates it from the rest of the pack.

CYMA has really taken power and quality to the next level with this product. While it is powered with electricity and not gas, it has the FPS rate of a gas rifle, at 435. Such a rate is almost unheard of, but CYMA has found a way to do it. You can shoot at even faster speeds if you use a BB weight less than .20g, but then you would be sacrificing accuracy. More speed than this is really not needed, so you should be fine using the heavier weighted BBs.

The gun is also easy to handle, with a 38lb weight and 48″ lenghth. All you need to do is take a look at the picture and imagine holding it, and you will intuitively understand if its right.

Over the next few days I will review the other new CYMA products as well. They are truly amazing and I never thought that CYMA could produce products at a caliber nearing that of Classic Army, Tokyo Marui, or Polar Star. Make sure to check out these products and try to buy one before they sell out!

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