BB Bastard NITES airsoft BBs

Airsoft snipers are some of the most powerful products in the game, but to use them effectively, the right ammunition is needed. Unlike other types of rounds, sniper BBs must weigh more and be more durable. Good airsoft rifles can handle the additional weight without being harmed, but any regular AEG gun or lower would likely be damaged by rounds above .25g.

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As you all know, we have had the East Coast Airsoft physical store location for awhile, and everything has been going great. Awareness of the location has been growing consistently and there are always new and old customers alike coming in. To expand our presence in the community, we have been interested in starting an airsoft field, so that people can come to regularly play and improve their skills. Unfortunately, actually creating an operational field is harder than it sounds. Not only is it quite expensive to purchase land and set up the infrastructure, but there are numerous property and liability laws which must be met. When it comes to real estate, the depth of the law surrounding it is unbelievable.

In any case, know that we are working on it. Locations are being scouted and plans are being formulated to make this a reality. Maryland does not have a solid airsoft field for people to play in, and that’s a tragedy. After all, East Coast Airsoft is the only airsoft-dedicated store in the state, so it’s not surprising there isn’t an airsoft-dedicated field too. It seems like paintball gets all the attention when it comes to stores and fields. We are here to change that, and with enough time and persistence, this dream will surely become reality soon.

We have had a contest going for quite awhile for an Echo1 USA RedStar LMG. While we do not have that particular product in stock for regular purchase right now, it is very similar to the Echo1 RedStar OMG. While the OMG part of that technically stands for Offensive Machine Gun, it might as well be for oh my God, because it truly is a powerful gun. If you do not want to wait for the chance to win the LMG, there is nothing stopping you from getting the OMG right now.

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East Coast Airsoft has become quite a popular store over the past year, and I like to think we have developed quite a number of fans. What’s not to like? We’re the only dedicated airsoft retailer in the state of Maryland and carry the best, highest quality products in the industry. Plus we’re friendly, helpful, and will do whatever it takes to make your airsoft experience as awesome as possible. So if you have developed a relationship with us, perhaps you’d be interested in the new East Coast Airsoft T-Shirt. At only $10, it really is a great deal on a quality garment.

The shirts come in either OD or Tan color, and being made from pre-shrunk Gildan Ultra 100% cotton, you can be sure that it will feel both comfortable and fitting. There’s something about the feel of non-blended cotton that is special. So whatever color you want or style you go with, the East Coast Airsoft shirt will definitely satisfy your clothing needs.

We have gotten a lot of new CYMA brand products in recently, which has been very exciting. This brand is known for its affordable rifles as well as one of the most successful electric airsoft pistols. Their new airsoft rifles are incredibly versatile, and the first one I would like to examine is the CYMA CM057 AK SVD AEG. The actual title is quite long, including descriptive elements such as a full metal body with metal gear, authentic wooden stock and handle, and removable cheek rest, but the key point is its an AK-47 based rifle. It has a longer and sleeker appearance than a normal AK-47 though, and this is one of the elements that separates it from the rest of the pack.

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Hard to believe that it’s already been a year since the East Coast Airsoft physical store launched. There has been a lot of exciting growth since the launch and the store has been performing very well. As the only specialty airsoft store in the entire state, we serve a need that not many other retailers can. Whereas large sporting goods retailers have small sections dedicated to airsoft, they cannot match the depth and product selection that a specialty retailer can. We are proud to have successfully expanded to the physical world from just being online, and it has been an amazing transition.

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There are a wide variety of Echo1 motors that we have introduced which can be used to repair or upgrade Echo1 airsoft rifles. Motors such as these are very effective for improving the power, performance, and reliability of any airsoft gun that you use. Even if your motor is already working well, upgrading it can be an effective way to give yourself an edge in your airsoft games.

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We are very close to the next milestone of the East Coast Airsoft Facebook page. We recently hit 5,000 Likes many weeks ago and have been slowly making our way to the midway point of 5,500. At the moment I am writing this, there are officially 5,424 likes, which is not a bad number by any means. The page is also quite lively, with hundreds of people weighing in on topics and discussing issues every day. A tight-knit and exciting community is forming that you shouldn’t miss out on. Check out the page today and see what’s going on!

Hey all! As you know, East Coast Airsoft has a physical store, and things have been going very well with it as of late. We even have a Google Places listing so that people can find us easier. As such, we want people to know that we’re a friendly, convenient airsoft retailer that provides great service. Unfortunately we only have one review so far on Google Places. So if you’ve been to the store and liked the experience, search “East Coast Airsoft” on Google and click “Write a Review”, which appears in the Google Places listing on the right. It’s impossible to miss, trust me. And while we hope it’s not the case, if you’ve had a bad experience you can write that down too. We let it all hang out here at East Coast Airsoft, except the stuff you really don’t want to see.