Avatar Gas Powered Impact Grenade w/ Little Loud Skin


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  • High quality, durable construction
  • Futuristic looking design, resembles grenades from your favorite sci-fi / fantasy games and movies
  • 85 decibel out of the box, anodized cnc-machining shell made in hard material, more suitable with the IMPACT CORE
  • Impact Core included!

The idea of a modular grenade where the payload, dispersion pattern, and grenade shape can be custom tailored to the users needs sparked an 18 month development project to make this user customizable grenade system.

The Avatar Grenade system is designed around a universal impact core which is the powerhouse to the grenade units. The Avatar universal core can be installed in various grenade shells called Skinz to change the performance and behavior of the grenade itself.
Each grenade core and Skinz shell is reuseable and easily refillable for repeated use.

Little Loud Skinz: This Skinz is a special one as it is not meant to shoot BBs but as a purpose of distractive device. Dont worry as the sound still bearable.

BB Capacity: 0
Detonation Pattern: Sound Distraction Device
Grenade Type: Gas Powered
Material: Aluminum, PVC, Rubber
Package Includes: Little Loud Skinz

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