HPA Airsoft Products

HPA Airsoft Systems from brands such as Polarstar, Wolverine, Valken and Tippmann with many more to come soon! With HPA airsoft systems you get the advantage of no moving gears so there is much, much less to go wrong. Much faster trigger response, and adjustable ROF and FPS capabilities. HPA is great for any serious airsoft or Mil-Sim player!

  • HPA Engines

    HPA Engines

    Listed here are all of the different HPA systems available from East Coast Airsoft. This page is for the system alone, if you would like to look at complete builds, or custom builds you can view them on their respective pages.

  • HPA Factory Built Rifles

    HPA Factory Built Rifles

    HPA Factory Builds are the builds created by each respective companies manufacturers. These are builds done by the factory. If you are looking for custom builds we have done in house, go to that page here.

  • HPA Air Tanks

    HPA Air Tanks

    These are all of your options for air tanks for your HPA setups. Carbon Fiber tanks are the highest quality we sell and what we mostly recommend. If you are looking to save some money and don't mind the extra weight and lower amount of air, we also have aluminum tanks you can use as well. Do note, if you have a SLP regulator you need to use SLP (Low Pressure) air tanks as well.

  • HPA Air Rigs

    HPA Air Rigs

    These are all of the different options for air rigs and lines for your HPA setups. Do note, that if you are using a Low Pressure Regulator setup you must be using a SLP bottle. Using a standard bottle on a low pressure rig could result in the rig being damaged or exploding. Be sure you consult an expert if you are unsure on compatibility.

  • HPA Air Nozzles

    HPA Air Nozzles

    These are all of the available air nozzles for the HPA systems. These are changeable so you can change the FPS and/or conserve more air with a more efficient setup.

  • Other HPA Accessories

    Other HPA Accessories

    These are all of the different products and accessories to be used with your HPA setup. These items include Air Stocks, Grip Connects, Batteries, and Shimms among other things.




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