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Airsoft Innovations Burst XL - Impact Banger Grenade

This is the Airsoft Innovations answer to the Thunder-B.  These are solid aluminum construction, and impact activated, so no more wondering if and when your grenade goes off.  They also use replaceable burst disks so no need to keep a bunch of bulky spare grenades with you.  No need to carry around a bunch of CO2, and overall just much more affordable to use on a regular basis.  They also feature a 125 decibel BANG every time that you use 2 burst disks and a 120 decibel BANG when you use a single burst disk!  Do not hesitate, get your orders in today, these are going to fly off the shelves!  First batch is also going to come with limited edition patch as well.


- Limited Edition Patch

- 30 Burst Disks

- Oil Kit

- 3 Different Grenade Skins

Expected Arrival Date: Approximately 2/20/2017

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