Action Army Teflon Cylinder Kit - Marui VSR10 /G-Spec, JG BAR10, HFC VSR 11
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The Teflon Coated Cylinder Kit for VSR10 / JG BAR 10 / R700 / VSR-11 is designed to reduce friction in order to maximize efficiency.
It is also Teflon Coated like the Laylax VSR10 Cylinder for durability.

Fit with Marui VSR10/G-Spec,JG BAR10,HFC VSR11, SOCOM Gear R700


Note: Installation by Professional Airsoft Technician is recommended. Custom Fitting may be required for some applications. Kit does not include spring, spring guide, hop up bucking, sear set, piston, barrel, or threaded barrel adapter. 

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