AccuShot Competition Shadow Ops Sniper Rifle-Black
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This is a great gun good for anyone who wants to have a nice looking sniper rifle. Great camouflage on the gun itself making you even more stealthy as a sniper. With the addition of a scope, you can be unstoppable!


*450-500 FPS
*One Piece Precision Metal Barrel
*Adjustable Hop-up System
*High Power Pin-Point Accuracy Performance
*Effective Long Range Shooting

*Complete Picatinny Mounting Rail Systems
*UTG Deluxe Picatinny Mount Foldable Bipod Complete With Cleverly Designed Tri-Rail Bipod Adaptor
*Spare Magazine
*Spring Powered Deluxe Speed Loader
*Tactical Sniper Rifle Sling

**Rifle Scope Not Included**

AccuShot Competition Shadow Ops Sniper Rifle-Black 4.5714 out of 5 based on 7 ratings.

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guillaume richard

i want so much this gun

Kyle Aasen


Kyle Aasen


Kyle Aasen

This gun look amazing from what I hear it is amazing and when I got to hold one... I WANT IT SOOO BAD!!!!!!!!!!

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