TLSFx Pull Ring Pea Grenade


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Products Description

Product Description

The pea (BB) filled grenade is a simple but devastating weapon ideal for the airsoft game. Coupling ball grenade looks and robust construction with our reliable ring pull ignition system this grenade has become the one of choice for the serious airsoft gamer. The pulling of the ring at right angles to the grenade, making sure to leave the vent hole at the top uncovered, lights the 7 second fuse. Then it is a case of throwing the grenade where you want to and awaiting the bang! On detonation multiple peas are sprayed in a wide arc. Also available with powder filling.

Please be aware that due to the standard hazardous materials handling charge administered by the shipping company, you will need to pay a $35 hazmat fee per box (up to 40 grenades per box).   To do this, select the HAZMAT fee in the options box for your first grenade.  For any additional grenades simply select the No Hazmat Fee option and you will be good to go.  Please e-mail or call us if you have any questions.


NOTE: $14.95 is the cost of 1 single grenade, NOT a pair of grenades. 

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